Friday, July 11, 2014

The Power of 32

32 is really quite an impressive number. In mathematics, since 24 + 42 (or  xy + yx) = 32, it is what's called a Leyland number. In science, in degrees Fahrenheit, it's the freezing point of water at sea level. In music, it is the number of completed, numbered piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven. And in sports, it's the jersey number worn by so many greats - Sandy Koufax, Jim Brown, and Dr. J, just to name a few. 32 is the number of teeth in an adult human (including wisdom teeth), the average number of pages in a comic book, and, in case you were wondering, the code for international direct dial to Belgium.

32 is also the number of days remaining in my summer well as the number of days since my sabbatical began. So, I'm halfway. Halfway finished... halfway just getting started. Half empty... half full. For once in my life (and hopefully it becomes a new POV), I'm going to go with the "half full" on this one, you know, Philippians 3:13 and all.

And yet, I don't want to rush past "what's behind" because I feel like the first 32 days were phenomenal! Granted, my plan was to not really have a plan, so while the number of items on a checklist might be minimal, the "intangibles" are numerous. Here's just a quick list:

Family (1st half):
  • Spent the majority of my evenings with Kerri and Wyatt
  • Helped out more around the house
  • Visited Lowe's more than ever before in my life because I...
  • Started and finished the project of extending my backyard fence and laying a patio

Personal (1st half):
  • Read through the Gospels
  • Read three other books (but none that I would recommend)
  • Had a Dr.'s appointment with my lowest recorded blood pressure in months
  • Received invaluable training from Morris Proctor on Logos Bible Software
  • Found 20 geocaches while traveling to the NC mountains and the Pacific Northwest and Canada and spending some time with good friends
  • Was generally a more pleasant person to be around (or so I'm told), being more relaxed with much more energy
  • Worshiped with six separate church families (three local), each being a very different but blessed time
  • Began a personal challenge to eat one of every hot dog featured on Sonic's "Dog Days of Summer" menu (21 different varieties - of course, I started with the Peanut Butter Bacon Dog)
I began this post with a "Ministry" column, but I believe that if God grows me personally, that will automatically reflect a difference in how I serve Him in ministry.

As I move into the "half full" weeks ahead, I hope you will pray that my plans are not just mine, but God's plans as well. I plan to...

Family (2nd half):
  • Invest as much time as possible with Kerri and Wyatt, doing whatever it is they want to do
  • Spend an afternoon with my grandmother
  • Continue to help out more around the house
  • Enjoy a unique vacation with my family on Mackinac Island

Personal (2nd half):
  • Read through the Psalms
  • Read other books, including 30 WordsChurch Elders, Crazy Busy, and Pursued 
  • Memorize John 14-16
  • Spend two separate days at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center
  • Worship with at least four more different church families
  • Do more geocaching, including a possible trip to the NC coast
  • Exercise daily (please see last item under "Personal" above for explanation)
  • Allow this unique time of rest to reflect in my attitude towards those around me and myself
Oh yeah, there's still plenty left in the sabbatical glass! As I've said all along, the next few weeks have the potential for the most good in both my ministry and me. May God make it so!

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  1. The patio look awesome!! (maybe David needs a sabbatical, as well, hmmm!)

    Peanut butter bacon dog? Hmmm...glad you're doing that challenge and not me! Can't wait to hear about that in a sermon one day!

    Thanks for telling us about St. Francis Springs Prayer Center - going to check that out!

    You're very missed, but glad you're enjoying your time away!!