Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hot Dog - My Sabbatical is Here!

It's here.

My office shelves are a little lighter because of the books pulled that I hope to read. I've measured the backyard for a potential project and am ready to tackle Lowe's. Travel plans to Bellingham, WA in June and Mackinac Island, MI in August are finalized. One more quick trip back to the office to switch my phone message over to announce that I'm gone and then...

It's here.

I'm excited, nervous, optimistic, dreadful, joyful, anxious, appreciative and cautious, all at the same time. In short, I feel weird.

It's here.

The two month, nine-week sabbatical that our leaders gave me this summer for my twenty-five years of service to Reidsville Christian Church begins today. And while I've anticipated it and planned it for over a year, I still have no idea what's going to happen.

Which makes it pretty much just like every other day, right? Oh, I've got my strategies, and I think I have control of so many situations - what I plan to do, what I hope to accomplish - but the reality is, I have no idea how any day is going to turn out, and I'm not just talking about the next nine weeks. At the same time, there is nothing that takes place anywhere, at any time that catches God by surprise. And not only does He know - He controls.

We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.
Proverbs 16:33

While that may be a disturbing thought to some, it is becoming more and more of a solid foundation for me. I keep reminding myself, I don't have to know how... I just need to make sure I know Who.

What I do know is I am blessed. Throughout my ministry in Reidsville, God has continually given me me "more." The leader's gifts and church family's support culminated this afternoon in a hot dog luncheon. It seems my oft-told "Hot Dog Cooker Story" led to the meal's theme and even the crafting of a fancy double cooker! It was only later that I discovered the inscription on the bottom:

"In celebration of 25 years of dedication to God and Reidsville Christian Church"

I would guess there has probably never been another gift like it for such an occasion, which makes it all the more treasured! 

Thank you RCC for letting me serve with you, and for caring about me and my family in ways that I just can not put into words. I am eagerly anticipating what God has planned for us together when this sabbatical time is complete. Until then, you will be in my prayers this summer, and I ask that I be in yours, because...

It's here.

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