Monday, June 16, 2014

(So You Know) What I Did This Summer - Week 1

Wow, the first week of my sabbatical flew by! In trying to keep my promise about letting people know what I'm "up to" during my time off, here is a quick list of some things I accomplished during Week 1:
  • Read the Gospel of John (three chapters each morning, focusing on the word believe)
  • Am currently reading The Jesus Chronicles: John's Story
  • Am currently reading Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day and rewatching 24, Season 1 (which coincides with the book's chapters)
  • Extended our backyard fence (by just a few feet) and started a patio project (If you heard me teach on June 8, you might remember that I said I planned to spend the first two weeks of the summer doing outdoor work. I have been reminded that one, I am very thankful I don't make a paycheck with a shovel in my hand, and two, it's been a long time since I've had a "good tired", but I experienced several of those this week!)
  • Attended the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County's production of Peter Pan with Kerri & Wyatt (and no, I had no idea it was a musical until the singing started! Great job Gabe, Morgan, Rose, Marcy, Christopher, Braeden, Colton, Sophie, et al!) 
  • Worshipped at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church (I really enjoyed walking to/from church as well as the focus of quietness and meditation during the early service. The sermon was on the Trinity and I loved the first point - "The challenging doctrine of the Trinity is just as challenging as our God." He simply cannot be figured out, nor would we want Him to be. Of course, I messed up communion, so I'll probably have to go back to make that right!)
  • Worshipped with Kerri & Wyatt at Horsepasture Christian Church (the 11:15 contemporary service was in their new gym where tables were set up and filled with those who came early for the Father's Day breakfast - full house!)
  • Ate Father's Day lunch at my in-laws'
  • Napped several afternoons
  • Prayed for the RCC staff and family daily
  • Spent EVERY night of the week with Kerri and Wyatt!
  • Avoided wearing khakis until Sunday church services necessitated
One week gone, eight to go, more to come...

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  1. Jack Bauer and "24"!

    Hope you hiked the trail at Chimney Rock...'tis awesome!